Magic entertainment is at an all-time high for corporate functions. Johnny understands the importance of
keeping your guests engaged and happy. His 30-year background in corporate sales and management gives him the edge as he shares stories, experiences and humor to his performances.
Distinguish yourself and amaze your guests with Johnny’s magic and mentalism.

Close-Up Performances

For small audiences, up to 40 people

Johnny leaves guests amazed in an intimate show with sleight of hand magic (using coins, cards and small objects).  This is perfect entertainment for holiday parties, special events, hospitality suites, award dinners and other smaller gatherings.

Stage Performances with Magic & Mentalism

For medium and large audiences from 50 to 5,000 people

Johnny’s interactive show uses magic, mentalism and humor. Audience members (many of whom become part of the show)
are taken on a roller coaster ride of amazement through mystery and comedy.
Years of experience working in theatres, comedy clubs and corporate events have made Johnny’s show a unique experience.


Contact Johnny today to book your corporate magic show.